Xiaomi Announces New MIUI Version for indian user

Xiaomi recently addressed a letter to the Mi fans. Due to the Mi apps being banned, some customers were getting worried about their data security and privacy. Xiaomi cleared all the issues and doubts revolving around their blocked apps. The Indian government blocked a ton of Chinese Apps which included a few apps from Xiaomi. The most recent Xiaomi app to be axed was Mi Browser Pro. It was stated by the Indian government that the app might be sending the users data out of the country. Xiaomi has denied this allegation and announce new MIUI version.

New MIUI Version to Come Without Pre-Installed Blocked Apps

Xiaomi India Head, Manu Jain, posted a statement on Twitter on Friday announcing that the company is complying with the ban.


“In its address to the Mi Fans, he said that it is one of their priorities to keep their customers’ data safe. Along with that, the company thanked its loyal fans for their support throughout the last six years. He made three key announcements in the letter.

First is that it is working on a new MIUI version which will come without blocked apps pre-installed. This new version of MIUI will be rolled out in a phased manner in the next few weeks. Along with this, Xiaomi clarified that none of the apps which have been blocked by the Indian government is accessible on Xiaomi devices.

The second announcement was regarding the Clean Master issue. Xiaomi uses the MIUI Cleaner app to clean the devices. People were confusing the MIUI Cleaner with the Clean Master app. So Xiaomi cleared it by saying that, “MIUI has its own Cleaner app and we are not using the Clean Master app that has been blocked by the Indian government.”

The third announcement made by Xiaomi was that they are continuing to comply with all the data privacy and security norms set by the Indian government. Xiaomi said, “Since 2018, 100% of data from Indian users is stored in servers located in India and none of this data is shared with anyone outside of India.”

Some Popular Apps Banned By Indian Government

The company’s Mi Browser had come under fire recently for collecting user information, but the company has refuted the allegations. The company preloads a suite of its own apps onto phones it sells in India. These include apps meant for video and music playback, security, web browsing, and also Xiaomi’s own eCommerce store, Mi Store.

The company, like all others in the banned list, has sent its responses to the Indian government’s 77 questions and is awaiting an individual hearing from the government.

The blocked apps include popular short-video platform TikTok, which is owned by Chinese startup Bytedance. Apps like Tencent’s WeChat, Alibaba Group’s UC Browser and UC News have also been banned by India.

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